Openreach is a UK digital network provider that maintains and develops the phone and broadband network. It's a subsidiary of BT that operates as a separate entity.

The creative challenge was to promote the brand in order to make people aware that Openreach is a sepparate company from BT. To achieve the goal, some guidelines needed to be defined for internal use, so I designed a tone of voice booklet and social media comms for day to day information. The campaign launched with a selection of print ads in UK and Scotland. Also, to target specific zones, a digital stimulation campaign was realised for a month in selected cities of England. Finally, a graduate scheme campaign was done to attract and recruit new talents via social media and univeristies.

  Artistic Direction, Graphic Design, Print, Digital Marketing, Social Media.
  Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.

2019 London, UK.